So this morning I thought it would be a good time to test out the Bloomsday course. There are exactly 4 weeks before Bloomsday 2011.

This was the first time I’ve ran the course. Last year, Lisa and I walked it. Let me just say – Wow! It’s one tough course. The down hill sections will have to be run faster during the race and the first uphill section will take it out of you just as much as the famed “Doomsday” hill near the 5 mile marker. My watch was nearly spot on and certainly good enough for me. The stopwatch certainly did not lie! It took me just under an hour to complete the course. Granted, I was unable to run any tangents with live traffic that would run me over if given the chance! I did pick out a few good areas to save at least 30 more seconds. The rest of improving my time will require some weight loss and adrenaline. I’m hoping for another minute or two. If I squeeze out more time then I’ll take it but I don’t want any more time added on to this run. I hope to stay healthy now!

Here’s a look at my watch feedback (see image). Let me know if you have questions on how to read it.