Last week’s workout was tough. It included 8 1/4 mile hills (actual distance was around 0.2 miles). I chose a hill nearby with a 18% grade. At first, I had a positive attitude but after the 3rd hill repeat, I was just lucky to get up the hill at a slow jog pace (sometimes more than 10 min/mile pace). My legs were jello after the 5th repeat. I was just glad to make it home afterwards!

The next day was an “easy 3 miles” and it was easy compared to the hill repeats! This was followed the next day with a 45 min tempo run. I was unable to sustain my goal pace of 6:52 min/mile. I finished the faster paces with an average of 7:03 pace. The next day was a day off and a much needed one. I hadn’t taken a break since the day we returned from Hawaii (March 15). My heart was still pounding from the hill workout…and by that I mean it was beating really hard when I wasn’t running.

Friday was my day off and I loved not running. I felt like a new man on Saturday. Saturday was the day I ran 3 miles at my race pace. Again…I couldn’t pull off 6:52 pace through 3 miles. I did have to stop at one intersection so I didn’t get hit by a car but that only set me behind like 20 seconds. I finished in 21:08 (7:03 pace). I sure hope my footpod is off by just a hair. HA!

You can enlarge the images of the workouts if you’re a geek like me. My heart rate, elevation, cadence, and average foot travel per step are displayed. I put the hill repeats, 45 minute tempo, and 3 miles at pace on here.