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Busy Training Days

Busy Training Days

After the 2015 Secret City Half Marathon, I took the next week fairly easy. Easy running with HR topping out around my 75% of max and less mileage. That week was also Thanksgiving week, in which we went to visit family in West Tennessee. The following week I kept up with some decent mileage – […]

Mixing It Up

When you first begin running, your legs take a beating. Don’t be afraid to mix it up through the week. When I began running again (after a 3 year break), I jogged really easy watching my heart rate and walking on one day. The next day, I got on the elliptical or ArcTrainer and used […]

Running Goals

So you got your gear and ready to run! Not so fast. There are a couple of things I’d like you to consider. You should have a few goals that help you stay motivated while running/training. Maybe you’d like to lose a few pounds. Or perhaps you want to run your first half-marathon or whole […]