10k finish line

I’m a meteorologist working for the National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee. Before working for the NWS, I worked as an on-air broadcast meteorologist for KAMC-TV (an ABC affiliate) in Lubbock, Texas from 1996 through 1998. I’ve been with the NWS since 1998.

My hobbies include – in no particular order – computer technology, photography, anything mechanical that needs fixing, and running (of course).

I’m blessed to have met the love of my life, Lisa while working in Lubbock at the NWS office. We were married in January 2004. We now have 2 girls that keep us very busy. Ava and I share a birthday. She’s now 9 as of this writing. Lucianna is 7 years old. Both of our kids are named after our grandmothers.

I enjoy running and feel like keeping a log of my adventures. I am striving to become much better and have set some goals. Hopefully I can meet them by the end of 2016. (My 2011 goals were – I’d like to run a sub 40 minute 10k and run a 1:35 half marathon.)  My new goals, while in my 40s, are to run a sub 40 minute 10k and run a 1:30 half marathon – hopefully by the end of 2016.

I ran my first half marathon on December 6, 2008. It was the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon and boy was it a blast! I really enjoyed the crowd cheering the runners on and all the entertainment at each mile marker. It made the run a lot more enjoyable. I hung with the 3:55 marathon pace goup for most of the run as my goal was to run 2 hours or less. I began training for this half marathon back in September 2008.

I was so jazzed after completing my first half that I decided I wanted to stick with running. I purchased the Polar S625X running computer (used from Amazon). It’s a motivator in itself because it gives me so much information while I’m running like pace, distance, time, heart rate, etc. Then when I’m done running, I download the data into my computer. How cool?! The best thing is I can log my progress over the long haul.

Anyway – I hope someone finds this helpful and interesting. In addition, I’m hoping to obtain some feedback to improve my running to help meet my goals.

Thanks for reading.