Lisa and I returned from a 7 day Hawaiian vacation this past Tuesday. Wow! It was so fantastic. We visited Oahu and stayed on Waikiki. We did some hiking and relaxing…also did quite a bit of eating! I won’t say we over did it though.Palm Trees at sunset

I continued my training while I was there. A lot can be said about training in the humidity. It was tough! Although the humidity was nothing close to Memphis – it was certainly a huge change from Spokane’s humidity. My runs for the past month have been no warmer than 45 degrees. The temperatures in Waikiki during my runs was close to 84 degrees and sunny. Needless to say, each time I ran, I was shirtless. I find that wearing a shirt when I sweat that much just chafes my chest (and nipples). So screw the shirt on these hot days.

I’m happy I continued to run. The day after we got there, I did 8 400s on a treadmill because it was raining outside. Then I did a tempo run too later that week. In addition I ran a couple of 4.5 milers. Nothing too terrible.

The day after we returned to Spokane, I did another 8 400’s and swapped my Friday off with Tuesday. This week will be a little more difficult than the weeks past. I think I can handle it. I should have nearly 6 hours of training this week. All in preparation for the half marathon in June. In the meantime, I’m about 6 weeks out from Bloomsday. As hard as I’m training, I should be able to complete that race at my goal pace. I just hope I remain injury free.

Speaking of that…my stomach problems have been under control since taking the medicine the Dr. prescribed for extra stomach acid production. I’m really happy about that. Also, I had my cholesterol and all checked before we left and had real good numbers. I guess I’m not surprised, because other than that one stomach problem – I feel great! That was great news upon returning.

Next week I’ll resume training in the mornings. When we left for Hawaii, the time difference was only 2 hours. When we returned, it was 3 hours. This morning I had to take the grandparents to the airport at 445 am this morning. I’m sleepy! Hopefully I’ll get back on track this weekend.