Today was a 40 minute tempo run. My footpod was set for pair 2 which is my new shoes. Unfortunately, the calibration I did last was wrong. It was about 1/4 mile too long. Therefore my pace was showing way slower than I was actually going! That’s no fun! I felt like I was sprinting faster than my intervals…and that’s not good. So I ran what I felt was close to 6:45 pace.

The way I’ve been running the 40 minute intervals…please correct me if I’m doing this wrong….is warm up at a pace keeping my heart rate below 75% of max for 10 minutes. Run at the 6:45 pace for 8:45.  Slow down for  2 minutes allowing heart rate recovery to about ~75% of max or less. Then run another 8:45 at 6:45 pace. I then run a slow pace keeping my heart rate at or below 75%  of max until 40 minutes expires. Each week, my interval times change but I use the same pattern as above.

I made a correction to my footpod for my 2nd pair of shoes…so hopefully I’ll get a more representative pace. We’ll see for my easy 3 mile run.