After taking Sunday and Monday off from training, I was ready to get back. I lost a long run on Sunday. I ended up taking my day off on Monday instead of Thursday. I also had to rearrange my speed workouts to ease back into things.

Speed training began with a tempo run on Thursday and 8x400m on Friday. Saturday was an easy 4 miles. On Saturday I calibrated my footpod at the local high school track. What I found out was that I was a little short on my miles…say 200 yards or so. Once I calibrated, I was within 0.01 miles of the actual distance. Finally! I ran a little over 9 miles today…and felt strong.

I will say that my calves were by far the sorest they’ve been in a long while. Then I would say my quads and glutes were a close second in soreness. I broke out the IcyHot last night to help. I guess it helped. Otherwise, it was a good placebo.