It began on Thursday. I was okay on Friday…my rest day from running. Then on Saturday afternoon, I started to get those really smelly burps and it was on downhill after that.

Lisa told me to go to the Dr. and I’m really not a fan of needles and stuff. I had a feeling that those things would be unavoidable. Sure enough…I had to give 3 vials of blood. It appears that I have extra acid developing in my stomach which is affecting my intestines too. Perhaps, this is a long – ongoing and untreated problem for at least 6 or 7 years! So it will be nice to get some answers this next week to see what’s going on. There also may be an ultrasound to determine if I have gallstones. About 6 years ago, I had a similar procedure and no stones were found. I’m hoping for the same results if it comes to a test like that. I hope that I can still drink coffee. Otherwise the headaches suck but I’ll sure miss the taste and smell in the morning. Ahhhh.

I have medication that will reduce my acid production and should help me feel better. That’s welcomed and exciting news!

Unfortunately, I was so dehydrated this morning and the Dr. visit and weak feeling, didn’t allow me to do my 90 minute run. Perhaps later this week, I can work it into my schedule. A missed day of running is never good!! I think I can run it in the morning, if all goes perfect today. It’s still snowy and icy on the ground…so the run will more than likely take place on the gym treadmill.