Thursday’s workout was a 40 minute tempo. Woke up at about 505 am and bundled up. I knew we were expecting about 8″ of snow overnight and there was no way I was going to be able to run in the snow. So I was going to run at the gym…on the treadmill. Ugh.

So I got dressed and opened the garage. Sure enough…about 10″ of snow had fallen overnight. Drove to the gym (Subaru!) and started my workout. It was a 10 minute warm up at one degree incline at 6 mph. After the warm-up, I slowly sped up to 8.3 mph. My calibrated (trusty) Polar RS800CX said my pace was 6:50. I held that pace for about 8:30…with a 2 minute cool down. Then I picked up the pace again at 6:50 (8.3 mph on this treadmill – I trust my watch more) for about 7 minutes. Then I did a cool down slow jog for about 8 minutes. When I finished, the time on the gym clock said 605 am. I still had to snow blow the driveway and get ready for work, eat breakfast and drive to work!

Well I made it through the snow blowing and shower…but soon after I started to feel dim. I think my stomach was hurting well before my run…and was soon really bothering me by 7 am. I had to lay down and relax. I ended up getting sick (vomit) but had to attend a meeting in town…about 20 minutes away at 9 am. I made it to the meeting and went in to work afterwards. I felt fine the rest of the day. I ate dinner, but then got sick again about 2 hours after eating. I guess I just rented dinner!

I was sick until about midnight Thursday night…before finally falling asleep. Friday was a day off of running and I kept all my food down. I really enjoyed the day of rest.

Tomorrow is a fairly easy run at 3 miles. The low temperature is expected to be -10…that’s right…10 below zero! That means I’ll be running at the gym. Not only will it be cold, but all that snow is still around covering the sidewalks and edges of roadways that are safest to run on. It looks like much of next week will be run in the gym…on the treadmill. The only nice thing about that is that there isn’t very many people on the cardio machines or the treadmills.

Sunday’s long run looks like it will be challenging…especially on a treadmill. Ninety minutes with the last 24 minutes near race pace.