I ran 6 miles yesterday. My lower legs are certainly feeling it. So tonight…after dinner I went on a 45 minute bike ride instead. I thought the break would be good.

During the ride, I rode up a steep hill…straight up 57th just past the water tower on Brown Mountain. Then I enjoyed the view of the city from up there and then coasted down. Then I took 57th all the way to Manito Golf Course. Essentially it was the same route I run. I passed by the Conoco gas station…also known as “Rocket”, I think. Anyway, yesterday and again today there were numerous people in the parking lot along with some entertainment. Similar to someone playing an acoustic guitar (plugged in with a mic) plucking along. I didn’t hear any singing that I could recall but I did hear some applause after some playing. I’m guessing there was about 60 people listening. I even saw people sitting on their porch across the street (42nd and Maple?). I don’t know all my streets. I’ll have to do some investigating on what’s happening over there. If the kids were older, Lisa and I would check it out.

Getting excited for our family vacation coming up soon! We’re finalizing our plans and I am really looking forward to some R and R.