I had a great 11 mile run on Saturday morning. The weather has been super! Sunny, dry and not too breezy.

Sunday I took a day off of running and biking and went golfing. This was my second outing this year…actually since Lucianna was born. It seems like I haven’t really had that much time off. I’m right back to where I left off. Okay…so I lost the putting touch…but still not too shabby. I’m a long ways off of breaking 80 and probably will remain that way until I retire!

Today…Monday – I got in a great 3 mile run. The long mileage on the weekends has really boosted my aerobic ability. I think I am going to run a 10k race in Newport, WA. It looks like a decent course with only one major uphill of about a quarter mile or so.

Looking forward to the upcoming vacation. Time off and away from here will be good. I’m looking forward to training near the ocean for a few days.

I’m also waiting for the 2011 Subaru Outback to show up a the dealership. Lezzgo!