It began earlier this week…and started on Sunday. I thought I was going to take Sunday off since I ran a double day on Friday, but that didn’t happen. I felt like I needed to run. So I did. My friend James and I ran 3 miles at about a 9 min/mile pace and had good conversation. It always makes my runs fun when I can run with him.

The following day James and I were going to run again, but he was swamped with work. So I ran another 3 miles – this time solo. I ran a little slower than the night before. Then we were supposed to run 6 miles together around 830 pm on Tuesday…however it was storming outstide at that time. Some storms had congealed right over our neighborhood and dropped nearly 4 inches of rain! I stepped outside around 910 pm and began my 6 mile run. It was cool…with a few flickers of lightning in the distance and some light sprinkles. I felt really good. Ran those 6 miles in 50 minutes. I felt like it was about 85% of my full effort.

Then on I took Wednesday off for several reasons…but it was probably a good thing. My shins were a little sore. Running at night is a little tough to see where your foot is going to land…so I think my feet were striking¬† a little harder than usual.

Thursday I ran another 3 miles in the afternoon around 2 pm. It was hot/humid…but not terrible. Shoot, 27 minutes is do-able in that sort of heat under full sunshine.

Tonight I ran 6 miles at “pace” which ended up being 7:47 min/mile pace. My goal for all 13.1 miles remains at 6:53…so I still need to shave a minute off my time and build endurance to keep that pace for another 7.1 miles. It’ll be a real challenge and I guess that’s why I’m shooting for it.

I’m hoping to keep dropping some unnecessary weight (about 20 lbs…or more if I can muster the control to do so). The lighter I become, the faster I’ll be able to run! Time will tell.

I run 8 miles tomorrow at a slow, enjoyable pace. I have to work one more midnight shift before heading to Fort Worth on Monday. Woo hoo!!