I finished my long run…the last in the week…of 8 miles on Saturday. Man! That was tough!! I’m not sure if it was associated with my lack of sleep for several days (working 4 mid shifts) or a combination of hard running and lack of sleep and perhaps the heat. I began my run around 1245 pm.

Today (Sunday) I decided to ride my bike for 40 minutes. That was a nice change of pace with some good cardio mixed in. My lower legs/shins have thanked me for it! HA!

I leave for Fort Worth tomorrow morning for 4 weeks. I’ll be working as the Regional Operations Center (ROC) Duty Officer. This is something I’ve always wanted to do…just never a good time. Not that now is a good time, but it seems like it’s now or never. Lisa and I think it will be good for me in the long run. I’m looking forward to putting faces with names at the Regional Headquarters. I’m driving to Fort Worth so it should be fun. I’ve loaded a few podcasts to keep my intrigued and of course, good music!

I have a full furnished apartment southwest (about 10 miles south/southwest) of downtown Ft. Worth…where the RQ is located….actually it’s at the Federal Building downtown Ft. Worth. I report to work at 7 am Tuesday morning.

I’m off to finish watering the yard before I go. Then I get to tuck Ava into bed. I also have to finish packing!!

Until later…