My workweek began at midnight on Sunday morning (Saturday night). I had to fill in a couple of midnight shifts and then was scheduled to work a day shift today. Well, I took today off to get a lot of stuff done before I leave for ROC duty in Fort Worth, TX.

I went to bed around 945 pm on Monday evening…after napping a few hours that morning (~815 am – 1130 am).  I also was scheduled to do some sort of cardio for 30 minutes. I decided to run 3.4 miles after a shower passed over the house. It was cool but humid. No complaints. Ended up running about 31 minutes. Light rain started falling at the 3 mile mark…but I was still about a half mile from home…so I had to pick up the pace.

I started today waking up at 730 am. I slept solid which was good considering it was shortly after I returned from running. I had some coffee and ate cereal – my usual. Then I ran my scheduled 3 miles. I got home and decided to get some yard work done. So I took out my hedge clippers, you know, the kind you power…the big scissor type hedge clippers? Anyway…I had to do lots of trimming. My hands were killing me after 3 bushes! I had about 7 more left…so continued on until I was finished. What a mess!! I got the rake and piled up the clippings. Then I noticed that I had some weeds to pull. So I cleaned the weeds out of the planters and piled them into the raked piles. It was 11 am by this time.

I had Lisa pull out my car from the garage (I was too sweaty to do it). Time to get out the lawnmower…but first I needed to eat some lunch. So I cooled off, drank a lot of water and then proceeded to edge and mow the yard…then fertilized. I finished a shower at 1 pm and then Lisa took off to go grocery shopping. I put the kids down for a nap…but Ava didn’t want to sleep. She stayed in her bedroom until 330 pm…which was cool. I got some computer stuff done.

I’m pretty tired now. It’s about 915 pm and I’ve already planned my day tomorrow. Hopefully my buddy James can run 5 miles with me in the early evening. I go back to work tomorrow but it should be easy considering my day today!