Since I was a kid – I’ve always been a fan of SNL. I thought I’d watch tonight since Seth Rogan was going to be on. Usually he’s a pretty funny guy.

After his lame introduction/monolog the spoof commercial was ludicrous – and not in a good a way! If the title “Fast and the Bi-Curious” tells you anything!

For some reason, these graphic men kissing scenes always involve Andy Samburg. I mean once in a while – maybe funny. However, it seems like everytime I tune into SNL – Andy is making out with some guy. I’ve had enough and I just don’t think it’s funny anymore. It’s actually gotten to be gross.

The first skit of this episode actually has two girls making out (Lucy and Peppermint Patty characters from the comic strip Peanuts). Sort of a long way to go for a laugh…but I guess they are desparate.

I usually like the news portion but I really miss the Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey team.

Oh yeah…Phoenix (the musical guest)  is not Joaquin Phoenix. I’m bummed. I was hoping to really bust a gut.