Needless to say – after the title – I haven’t slept good. At least yesterday I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned until about 230 pm. Got out of bed and ate some cereal.

The showers and thunderstorms ended sometime before I woke up. After eating “breakfast” I suited up for a run before round two of the rain moved in. I took off around 10 til 4 pm. I ran for about an hour which equated to about 6 miles. I felt great! It was like running before the St. Jude half. I mean, I had no pain or issues.

After my intervals, my legs are still a little sore. I took Wednesday off but even today my quads are little sore. My worst fear of continued left leg/knee pain has been squashed. I feel very little if any pain – which is really great. I hope I remain healthy.

I wonder if my restless sleep is in any way related to my coffee consumption. The last 3 days (before today) I had about 56 oz (7 measuring cups) of coffee in about an hour. I will say that I was awake for the whole shift and then some! The first 2 shifts I took an Ambien (to adjust the body clock). Yesterday…no sleep aid. So last night around 10 pm I only drank 32 oz (4 cups) of the Maxwell House French Roast. I hope the change will help me sleep. Perhaps my mind is just overworking on potential job interviews???

Speaking of Maxwell House French Roast…the stuff is very close in taste to the 8 O’Clock Columbian. In other words, it’s good. Last night I mixed it much weaker than I have in the past and I actually liked it. My formula was 2 1/2 scoops to 5 cups (again these are measuring cups folks…not a mug full). It was weaker but much more tolerable with very little creamer needed.

On the cups of coffee vs mug issue… a mug varies in volume capacity. At work (where we are very precise and as time permits), I measured several mugs and their volume capacities. What I found was that a regular size mug holds about 9 oz of liquid. The smaller mugs held exactly a measuring cup full. We’re talking about to the brim…no way could you add anything more than a packet of sugar. Oh yeah…and you couldn’t stir it without spilling it. The largest mug held 12 oz. I think on average – if I were to guess – most mugs fall in the 9 to 10 oz range. I think the one I measured was actually 10 oz, but you have to leave room to stir and mix your junk. So leaving out that extra ounce will let you accomplish that.

So when someone tells you they had 5 cups of coffee…you gotta wonder, does that mean 40 oz (as in measuring cups) or are they talking about 50 oz.?  I guess it doesn’t really matter, huh? What’s another cup worth?  If you ask me, I’d say, “Probably another 5 hours of being awake.”