Lot’s has gone on the past several days. I’ve been slow to send an update.

The worst part is that my running has slipped the past week. Lisa may disagree with me…but it’s true. I only got to run about 12 miles last week (that’s 2 days). I’m going to be hurting for the 5k this coming up weekend. There’s no way – at least I think- that I will be able to sustain a 7 minute mile pace. Ah well. I guess I’ll have to run another one sometime soon.

We got to do some traveling this past week. On top of that we had some severe weather that made things pretty hectic…starting on Friday the 10th. We visited my grandparents this past Monday through Thursday. I got to run one day while I was there. It was really cold (42 degrees and windy) for a spring day. They live near Champaign, Illinois. The 9 hour drive…with our young kids…made it tough to get in another run. I had to wait until Saturday to run again. Too much to do!

This weekend hasn’t been much slower. I went to church…ate lunch…shopped for formula…relaxed at home for about an hour…then off to work. So I didn’t have a chance to run…yet again.

Monday will be a little slower and I’m hoping to get in a run of at least 7 miles again.