Still trying to come off my midnight shifts. This means I usually don’t sleep well for about 5 or so days after the end of my last mid. So I woke up with Lucianna at around 1040 pm to feed her 3 oz. of formula. Then again around 240 am to feed her 3 oz. I stayed up until 5 am before heading back to bed. I slept in until 1040 am. I’m seeing a 20 til pattern, are you?

Lisa took Lucianna and Ava to G’town Baptist Church for Ava’s tumbling class. I saw some video of her and looks like she had fun! They got home around 11 am and I forgot what I did until 1240 pm…but it wasn’t lunch. I left to go running at 1250 pm. I had 5 miles to do…it was not so bad…especially around mile 4. It seemed like I was getting in a groove at that point. My heart rate was a little higher (avg 151 bpm) than usual. Perhaps that has to do with lack of sleep?

I saw a post today on the effects of shiftwork and it seems pretty disappointing. Shiftwork causes diabetes, heart disease, and mood swings. I can vouch for the mood swings. 🙂 Sorry family. Most people say they understand, but unless they have worked shifts for more than 10 years…they really have no idea. I’m ready to be myself again…and soon.