Still recovering from getting off my mid shifts. Went to sleep around 1030 pm last night and slept well…not great. Got out of bed around 715 am this morning. I felt like I could have slept until 11 am or so. Probably could have used it. However, Lisa had to take Ava to school and then she had to go to physical therapy for her back. Lucianna was good for me and fell aslee around 1015 am or so.

dsc_0028I got to work on my dad’s desktop computer. He’s got some issues that will require a new motherboard/processor/dvd/memory, and a power supply. We’ll be replacing a 8 year old computer… right now he has 256 mb of RAM. I thought you’d agree with that! Anyway – I’ll be ordering some stuff soon to build this machine.

I went for a run after Lisa returned home shortly after 1130 am. Iwas scheduled to run 12 miles. I left the house around 1155 am (had to dress for 33 degree weather, put on my heart rate monitor, etc.). I had a great, enjoyable run. I did miss my running buddy…he makes things go by faster. Maybe Lisa and the kids can follow in trail on a bike during the spring. Anyway, I was bummed that my footpod battery went out around mile 9. I ended up running about 30 more minutes. I figured I was running just under 10 minute miles. Ah well.

I’m hoping that I can run a 1:55 or less for the half marathon coming up soon. I’m not so sure right now.

On top of that…not so sure I’ve been winning any points with the girls. Ava doesn’t listen to me. Lisa gets frustrated with me because usually Ava goes and disturbs Lisa while she’s putting Lucianna to sleep. Then Lucianna doesn’t much care for my boobs. 🙂  She’ll sleep good on me though. Thank goodness LuLu is feeling better. She’s on day 3 of antibiotics for her ear infection.