After the 2015 Secret City Half Marathon, I took the next week fairly easy. Easy running with HR topping out around my 75% of max and less mileage. That week was also Thanksgiving week, in which we went to visit family in West Tennessee. The following week I kept up with some decent mileage – similar to the week leading into the HM. However, I hadn’t decided yet which was going to be my next half marathon. There was one in early March called the Tom King Classic in Nashville. There was also one in early February in Strawberry Plains (close by) and another in mid March in Germantown (my old hometown). Until I figured out which race I was going to do – that would determine when my next training schedule would take place.


I settled on the Germantown Half Marathon on March 13, 2016. I’ve ran this course before back in 2009 and it was my second HM ever. I ran a 1:43 and change. It will be good to visit family while I’m there. The kids and wife won’t be able to make it – another event is that weekend in Knoxville for the kids. I’m sure they will cheer me on using my Garmin app on my phone.

So – what I’ve been up to is a lot more mileage. My shortest run per week is 6 miles. This past week I topped out at just over 7 hours of training. I’ve noticed some real improvements in regards to faster pace and lower HR averages. I’ve added 3 days of added speed. One day I’ll add some 6-10 8 second steep hill sprints after a 6 mile easy run. The following day I’ll 8 fartleks for 30-50 seconds at 5k-10k pace along an 8 mile run. I’ll end the speed on Friday with some threshold runs that are usually 8m or slightly longer. My long runs also usually have a faster pace towards the last 30 minutes or so.

I have a 10k on the schedule for February 6. This will give me a glimpse into my true fitness and I’m looking forward to seeing what that time will be. I’m shooting for 48 minutes – which should be super challenging. I’m going for it though. Let’s hope the weather cooperates.

After the March HM, I think I’ll run some 5k’s and continue to keep my mileage as high as possible leading up to next fall/winter.