I just wanted to show you how my training – which ends on these graphics one week before my half marathon (Secret City Half Marathon – November 21, 2015).  You can see in July I started very slow and began to add more and more time to my training. I was over-weight and had almost no aerobic ability. However, I did own a good pair of running shoes and a running watch and heart rate monitor (HRM). So I got busy.

I have a gym membership and lifted some weights – mostly upper body exercises. This also meant I had access to a vast array of other aerobic equipment to use such as a treadmill, stair climber, ArcTrainer, exercise bikes, etc.

Looking at “Time in Sport Zones” image, notice that 43 minutes were spent that first week. I think I only attempted the treadmill twice that week. The following week I did 4 sessions, 3 on the treadmill and one on the ArcTrainer for a total of an hour and 45 minutes. You can also view the Calendar to see similar information along with exercises and the days I worked out. Additionally, the calorie count each week is encouraging too – especially when you need to lose some weight!! (click the images below for the larger view)









The “Distance and HR AVG” image shows how as we get in better and better shape (by increasing your time on the treadmill or on the trail or on the road) how your HR goes down over time and your pace increases. Pace increases along with lowering HR means that you probably including at least some tough workouts at least once a week (after the 4th week of starting).

These tougher workouts might be a few strides (short sprint repeats up to 6 or 8 – approximately 300 yards), 400m or 800m interval repeats, tempo runs, hill repeats, or fartleks.  We’ll talk more about these things later. Before attempting these speed workouts, you might need more than 4 weeks to start them. If you do start too quickly, you may risk injury – so don’t go too quickly. These are very challenging and will make you hate running them, however you will see results a little later in the week. So they aren’t so bad if you like improving!!