Wonderful day on Saturday for a mid-morning run. Little did I know…it would get cut short. If you are easily offended…stop reading now.

Some long distance runners will understand this dilemma. I was running a slow pace (about 70% of max heart rate pace…which was about 9:30 pace) and a little over 5 miles into it. My stomach began to feel like…uh oh – I have to find a bathroom. I’ve had this feeling before and it soon went away within a quarter of a mile. Then the wave persisted about every mile…getting worse each time. In fact, the pain got so bad – I got chills each time the wave hit. I literally thought I was going to be one of those people who couldn’t find a bathroom! It was a worst fear. I was a little over 3 miles from home and I needed to go ASAP. I was passing 37th and Perry where they were repaving the road and thought they would have a few port-a-potties (Honey Buckets are what they are called around here) somewhere nearby. A quick look down the street was all it took to realize…they didn’t have any.

I was tempted to ask a few folks doing lawn work if I could use their bathroom. I never did. I eventually made it back home about 3 miles less than what I wanted to run and was finally saved!

It’s not that this hasn’t happened before, either. I just hate the feeling! I did go before running so this was sort of a shocker. The kids have suffered from a few extra trips to the bathroom and diaper changes. So, perhaps I caught some sort of stomach bug too? I hope that was it…and it won’t happen again any time soon.

I finished a 9.5 mile run yesterday. Today…it’s raining. I’d like to run a few miles today…but we’ll see if the rain will hold off when I finally decide to run. I have numerous chores around the house I need to get done too. I wonder which will win out?