We’ve been in Spokane a little over 2 month now! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Anyway – we closed on a home on March 11 and we are still unpacking boxes. The garage is filled with stuff. I can’t wait to park the cars in the garage. Thank goodness it’s not too cold outside and snowing or anything like that. It’s snowed one time since we’ve been here and that was only an inch.

Running has been little to non-existent. Lisa has been busy running and I’ve been hanging out around with the kids. My time is definitely not my own. It’s cool though. I still run occasionally. Unfortunately, I will not be running competitively until October. I’m thinking of running Bloomsday with Lisa…real slow. Maybe I can say the right things and help her get through it.

Work is going awesome! I love my job! I just finished working 4 midnight shifts…which were pretty difficult given that I have very little experience with terrain and climatology around these parts. Otherwise I work mostly days and am home for the weekends. That has been real nice. Truth be told, I do miss having days off during the week…but I’ll deal with it. HA!

I’ll try to be better about updating this. I still have at least half the garage to unpack and a few projects around the house I have to finish before I can commit to the blog.