It has been nearly 2 weeks since the St. Jude half marathon. I’ve only run twice since then. Time is short.

We have been getting the house ready for at least 2 showings…one earlier today and one tomorrow morning. In addition I will be working some later shifts, so I can still get a lot done. Today I fished out the screens and put them on the windows in a few places. I removed them when we moved in and wanted to replace them.

Lisa cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed downstairs. I also found some knobs on the drawers that needed some fixin’ up. It’s all ready for our first showing…4 weeks after we listed!! I think it’s the time of year.

I have an inspection on Wednesday and a termite inspection on Monday. There’ s not a whole lot I can do in preparation for these other than what we’ve already done, such as paint the exterior, etc.

I sure would like to have it sold before we vacate in mid January. Wouldn’t that be cool?!

I wish I had more time to run. It’s been pretty cold and I only have one set of warm running clothes – so it’s a little harder to go. My two runs have been a little over 4 miles at about a 8 min pace. Today I tried something a little different. I found a 180 bpm Podrunner podcast that produces music at specific beats. I did it just to see where my cadence was in relation and how it felt to run less than 7 min pace at that cadence. I read an article recently that said if you want to run faster you’ll have to increase your cadence. It also said that you want to spend less time on the ground…and the way to do that is make sure your feet move fast enough to make that happen.

After today’s little experiment, I will have to make my time at the gym count. More squats, calf raises, hip flexor exercises, and plyometrics. Unfortunately, if I want to get faster, I’m really going to have to get stronger in order to keep that tempo – and increase my stride/cadence.

Wish me luck!

I have been looking at some upcoming half marathons in the Northwest. I found a couple close by Spokane. Money will be tight, so sticking close to the area will be more practical. At first I was thinking I would go to Seattle. If I happen to win the lottery, we’ll be there…among other places. But it doesn’t look like that will happen in 2010 in Seattle. Wishful thinking! Looks like that course would be pretty difficult too. Stay tuned to my plans for the next race.