Okay…let’s tackle the obvious first. Last Friday I was offered a job in Spokane, Washington. The job is something I’ve been very interested in for many, many years. I will be the Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM)!  So it’s nice that it finally came to fruition.

Needless to say, Lisa and I have been frantically de-junking the house and making a plan. I am awaiting official paperwork before I can list the house. When it does come to moving, we’ll be driving a little over 2,000 miles in mid January!! The dead of winter!! Hopefully El Nino will be in full swing…which spells drier and warmer than normal for the northwest. We’ll see.

Now let’s talk about my training for the St. Jude half marathon in Downtown Memphis on December 5. The training has been going really, really good – considering all the recent changes. A couple of weeks ago, I ran 44 miles over the week. That was about 8 miles farther than the previous week. I found out the next week, that this was too much. I started getting a scratchy throat and my running performance and heart rate really suffered. My heart rate would not recover much after a tough – but too short run.

This week I ran 6 miles on Tuesday. Then ran 3 – mile intervals at 6:50 pace. I then ran an easy 3 miles yesterday. Today I did a tempo run for 50 minutes split up with 10 minutes warmup, 10 minutes at 7:30 pace, 10 minutes at 7:00 pace, then 10 minutes at 6:30 pace…and had 10 minutes of cool down. I feel really good and strong. I will say that the 10 minutes at 6:30 pace was very difficult. Tomorrow I have a 5 mile pace run. I’m looking forward to how I respond to that. My long run will take place on Sunday evening. I’m a little off schedule…because I had to go out of town last Sun-Tues.

I will be comparing my performance with the data from the last half marathon training. I think I’m on track to do the half marathon at my goal pace of 6:52. I do have some concerns that make me doubt…but I really need to trust my training. I still have 4 weeks to train too. So time is on my side. Hopefully I can remain healthy.