I know it’s been a while since my last post. We went on vacation for much of the first part of May. Then I played catch up with many things around the house and very busy at work. Lots of weather and a program to write.

Finally got all that done and now I’m beginning the mid shifts beginning tonight. Argh!

Running has been sparse… too sparse if you ask me. I hope to log at least 25 miles this week. Next week, hopefully more. No races in sight at this time other than St. Jude Half Marathon in December…5th I think.

I’ve got a few other projects keeping me busy. Lisa needs a website to sell her embroidery stuff and Lisa’s friend needs some help with a web site. Shouldn’t be too bad, just time consuming between trying to concentrate, sleep, run, and take care of the family needs. Somehow we manage.

This past weekend, I woke up early! I’ve been off mids for nearly 10 weeks, so my body clock is working great. Anyhow, woke up on Saturday around 630 am… no alarm. This happened to coincide with the new Palm Pre release. Lisa and I have been talking about getting some phones/plan that will allow texting, etc. So I got out at the Sprint store around 725 am. I was the 17th person in line and picked up the new Palm Pre. Lisa got the BB Curve. We’re up with the times now. HA! The phone has already saved me twice looking for numbers. Google is great!

I’m off to work! Wish me luck!!