I’ve been feeling very good after the half marathon. In fact, I have been feeling so good – I decided to go on a 4 mile run this morning. My quads are a little sore, but nothing I couldn’t handle.Eight O'Clock 100% Columbian

So I woke up around 915 am. Lisa was getting ready to take the kids to the zoo and meet her friends…Lucianna was learning how to use her voice in the bathroom. She got my attention. When I finally opened my eyes…they were gone. I guess I fell back asleep…somehow.  I mixed myself an Instant Breakfast with a banana and took my multi-vitamin. After my shake…I opened my newest bag of coffee.

I purchased the Eight O’Clock Coffee – Columbian at the store the other night. My Maxwell House French Roast was getting low and I happened to drink the last bit on Monday. I also have a $1 off coupon inside the new stuff. I think it cost around $5.50 or so. Upon opening it…it smelled great! I put 5 heaping tablespoons in the filter and put in about 7 cups of cold water. While it was brewing, I checked some email for a few minutes. Then I poured my first mug.

I mixed about a teaspoon of French Vanilla (lactose free) into the mug and stirred. I had to wait a couple of minutes to drink the first swig…didn’t want to burn my tongue. Honestly, the first taste was a little more bitter than the Maxwell House French Roast and I wasn’t too sure about it. So I tried another sip. It was pretty good. Let’s just say I was pretty pumped about filling my mug with more when I finished the first mug. It was really good. After my second mug, I felt great and jazzed about the day ahead. Later I found this article about this coffee!

I got dressed to run 4 miles…went the bathroom and the rest was history. Actually I ran a little over 4 miles…but I felt really good. I think my pace was about 9 min/mile or so.