It’s coming up fast now. I can’t believe it’s almost here!

I’ve been feeling more and more confident on running a good race and beating my goal time of 1:55. Actually my goal is to run faster than 1:56:06 because that’s what I ran in the St. Jude half on December 6, 2008. I’m hoping I can do even better than 1:55 but we’ll see.

I still have plans to run the next St. Jude half in 2009 and want to complete that in 1:45 or less.

Tomorrow I’ll go with Lisa, Ava, and Lucianna to get Ava’s soccer uniform around 9 am and then head over to the Germantown Performing Arts Center to pick up my race packet. I think there will be a place to pick up some Gu at the Expo. I need some with caffeine. If not, I bought some a couple of days ago at Outdoors Inc. I’m also thinking of drinking a few cups of coffee before the run. Caffeine is supposed to help with performance. I’m willing to try anything at least once.

I have off work tomorrow so I can relax. I’ll go back to work an evening later Sunday. I should be pretty jazzed all day. Looking forward to the day!!